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        Shenyang Xinle Relics Museum and Museum Heritage Day 2014 new basic exhibition opening ceremony, the new music culture Symposium

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        2014 is nahuy site found 41 anniversary and the 30th anniversary of its foundation nahuy site museum in shenyang. In order to promote and develop the historical culture, the memory of the arrival of the ninth in China cultural heritage day, shenyang nahuy ruins museum around the theme "to live up to" cultural heritage, on June 14, launched "to commemorate the 2014 cultural heritage day and shenyang nahuy ruins museum new display basic academic seminar opening ceremony, nahuy culture", etc.


        Nahuy site was discovered in 1973, after several archaeological excavations, determine its for neolithic settlement sites, was the era of shenyang found the earliest relics of human life. Nahuy site found that will advance in shenyang area has a history of human activities to seven thousand years ago, it represents culture type is the academic definition called "nahuy culture". In 2001, nahuy sites released by the state council as one of national key cultural relics protection units. In 1984, officially opened nahuy ruins museum. After 30 years of development and construction, shenyang nahuy ruins museum has become a national museum, national AAA level scenic spots, and patriotism education base in shenyang, liaoning province. At present, the museum covers an area of 22500 square meters, equipped with cultural relic exhibit halls and sites, cultural relics halls display area of 1000 square meters, 231 pieces of cultural relics on display.


        Change the basic display, Chen's new form unique cultural elements embodied nahuy site, highlight the nahuy culture, uniqueness and mystery, tonal dark and sedate, reasonable extension of line is fluent, also added a 3 d interactive projection, three-dimensional relief wall, participation, strong artistic display means such as oil painting animation. In content is divided into sunrise and make, fishing and hunting wild ze, riverside and out, the husband and wife dance, coagulation soil, ancient China outfit, the mysterious unfathomable mystery, the voice of the soul, nahuy culture such as unit, from different angles show the middle age in the new period in shenyang is enclosed within the walls of life status.


        In order to further promote nahuy culture of academic research, shenyang nahuy ruins museum and the museum of China association of professional committee of the prehistoric site, jointly organized nahuy cultural and academic seminars. Many domestic experts in the field of archaeology and museology related research, especially for nahuy culture have strong feelings and deep research of experts and scholars, will be common around including "prehistoric site of the museum's management, protection, research, utilization and sustainable development", "nahuy culture research" and "nahuy sites with domestic comparative study prehistoric site culture type", "site protection and research experience exchange", "prehistoric site of the museum's operation, management and culture industry development" and other issues were discussed and communication.

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