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        Shenyang City, the first contest start guide

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        Shenyang City, the first contest start guide

        August 20, in order to "find Shengjing Fu speaking Shenyang story" as the theme of Shenyang City, the first commentator contest preliminaries in Shenyang "Nine • 18" Museum held. From the city's nearly 30 museums and cultural institutions, tourist areas (spots), enterprises, institutions museum old Shenyang more than 60 instructors participated in the contest. After a day of competition, there are 20 players into the semi-finals. Shenyang new music site museum of six instructors participated in the competition.

        The competition is divided into preliminaries, semi-finals and final of three stages, preliminary selection of 20 people into the semi-finals, semi-finals and 10 singles finals. Finalists will be divided into teams to carry out a series of public events. In order to ensure open competition, fair and impartial manner, the contest also invited nearly 10 experts to serve as judges, from professional skills, communication skills, etiquette and other aspects of the image of the players were considered for scoring.

        The contest is the first time the full Fair Shenyang units instructors, traditional old business student instructors and college instructors gathered in the same stadium. Shenyang new music site museum docent who were the "new music's story", "new music site, the source of civilization", "new musicians of the day", "research woodcarving bird", "I and the Museum," "Nostalgia "As the theme of the competition for a wonderful explanation. Among five players to successfully enter the semi-finals.

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