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        Ancient tombs there are "dumplings" it? Dug 60 years, this really is not

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        Are there any "zongzi" in ancient tombs? Dug in 60 years, this really doesn't

        Talking about archaeology, it is full of curiosity. On the one hand, it is the result of archaeology has long been living in the ivory tower, no one know; Various popular tomb-raiding novels, on the other hand, is to let the archaeological become mysterious. Archaeology, then, what is? Really there are so many paranormal events? Shenyang evening news, shenyang network and participate in the activities of volunteers recruited to the readers about some questions of archaeology, and invited famous archaeological experts Mr Feng Yongqian, shenyang xiao-gang zhao, deputy director of the institute of archaeology experts made answer the above questions one by one. Then, for hundreds of thousands of years of ancient tomb, there really is a novel describing the "zongzi" (zombies and ghosts)? Mr Feng Yongqian smile to say: engaged in archaeology has 60 years, this is not!


        Question 1: nahuy site agent ditch can dig? Will dig into the primitive bones?


        Xiao-gang zhao: nahuy site mainly XinLeRen living life place 7200 years ago, at present, the layout of the three agents and four exploratory trench, the two were found nahuy upper culture ash ditch and two ash pits, nahuy upper culture relics excavated has unearthed a large number of pottery, stone, distinguishable shape have a pot of, by, ding and the cylindrical tank, footed bowls, net weights, spinning wheel, knives, etc. Since nahuy site is living area, the underground had not found tombs, so did not find the primitive bones.


        Question 2: general unearthed bones will be how to deal with?


        Xiao-gang zhao: unless very special burial environment, human remains only bones even bones are not preserved, there is no "dead". Bones are important object of study, no less value the grave goods, can be used for dating, age and gender identification, physical type, ancient pathological analysis, analysis of recipes, and so on. As for the study after processing, as well as general relic, have saved or display value is stored, in a museum or in the warehouse.


        Question 3: archaeological work sometimes about ancient tombs, will have some impact on psychological?


        Xiao-gang zhao: archaeological actually involves ethical problem, despite the lack of domestic similar professional standards, but the current archaeological work guidelines or combine the idea of respect for the dead. In modern human activity, the breadth and depth of unprecedented expansion, including human remains unearthed the remains of the inevitable, in order to reduce the damage, damage will be retrieved from archaeological excavations. If not, these remains before getting into the public eye will be destroyed or even disappear.


        Feng Yongqian: a lot of ancient tombs excavated is being destroyed more seriously, to discover. Moreover, we are engaged in scientific research work, have no influence on psychology. But we study history, the ancient culture, monuments and relics, always holding the fear psychology, will carefully protect. Ensure that the history of the ancestors can completely preserved, for posterity.


        Question 4: exploration before know underground relics have? Take off field exploration and feasible?


        Xiao-gang zhao: drilling exploration is the first step on the archaeological work, is for the sake of exploration and the distribution of underground soil, whether underground or belongings may have monuments. But archaeological researchers will judge according to the record of historical data, think of the archaeological value, submitted to the state department of cultural relics. Public the archaeological is popular, but is not let people take a shovel to field exploration, not only destroy the land and environment, and time consuming is nothing.


        Question 5: a lot of novels of tombs have some very experienced, burial really have these things?


        Feng Yongqian: this year, I'm engaged in archaeological excavations for 60 years, exploring a variety of tombs, but not met haunted, the strange thing, these are some of the folk oral literature handed down something, I think there is no this. Ancient tombs, in particular, levels of imperial tombs, does have some means of guard against theft. Dingling, for example, is behind the door with great article FengMen stone. Some in the spring and autumn warring states tomb in henan, shaanxi, dig deep, it will cover the sand, stone, and compaction, also can have the effect of some security. However, close, organs of what, is not some.


        Question 6: archaeology and feng shui matter?


        Feng Yongqian: feng shui has a long history, is mainly formed by ancient people affected by the natural environment. For example, the primitive without heating means, so they choose to live, generally to xiangyang, want to consider drinking water at the same time, and close to water sources, over time, has formed a kind of living habits. Again such as liao dynasty tombs were built in mountainous area towards the southeast, mizoguchi exquisite mountain behind, also should have mountains on both sides, front to have water, folk custom also said that "heroes in the two mountains, generation for the emperor." Feng shui study, is of great help to archaeological survey really, but we won't learn special.


        Question 7: archaeology and antique appraisal experts is that matter?

        Feng Yongqian: archaeological experts can identify some cultural relics, because to do this job, see more. But identification of antiques, just look really isn't enough, besides really, should also know what is false, what is false. Again, the archaeological experts see more gold and silver and bronze, calligraphy and painting is very few. Expert, bone Angle.chinese is everything all want to know, have to have very high accomplishment. In addition, the cultural relics, archaeological value is quite historical value, artistic value and cultural value, and identification, is more concerned with economic value.


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