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        Permanent Exhibition

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        Cultural Relic Exhibition Hall
        Shenyang Xinle Relics Museum, themed source of Shenyang history, the earliest remains of human activity in Shenyang city and Xinle culture connotation, focuses on showing Shenyang’s earliest village sites, as well as the latest results of Xinle culture studies. Exhibition is conducted from the following several parts on the basis of the original display content: era that Xinle people live in, Xinle culture and Xinle people’s life, Xinle people’s producing activity, Xinle people’s living state and mystery of Xinle culture. The adoption of scene rehabilitation and modernized video animation short films, display techniques via sound, light and electricity and centralized exhibition of boutique cultural relics strives to achieve an effect of concise, easy to understand, popular, interesting and comprehensive display of Xinle culture.
        Since the exhibition area of the original exhibition hall is limited and due to attention of leaders at all levels, the museum carried out basic display transformation at the end of 2013. New cultural relic display hall covers an area of about 1,000 m2, and mainly displays more than 200 pieces of unearthed Xinle lower layer culture dating back to 7,200 years ago. 


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