Lower-layer Culture >> Pottery >> High-foot bowl with engraved lines
        • Name: High-foot bowl with engraved lines
        • Era: Neolithic age
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        Xinle lower-layer culture relics (dating back about 7200 years)
        Through five times of scientific excavations since the year 1973 when Xinle Relics was discovered, extremely valuable scientific information has been gained and lots of artifacts were unearthed. The lower layer culture is mainly represented by deep-belly pots, high-foot bowls, and wares with oblique mouth. Stone tools including forged, polished and fine stones coexist. Forged stones include net sinkers, stone shovels, stone adzes, knock and smashing device, chopping and smashing devices and scrapers; polished stones contain stone axes, celt, millstones, burnishers, bunts, etc. and fine stone tools include stone leaves, bunts and scrapers. In addition, what were unearthed also contain bone objects, jadeware, hematite, graphite, carbonized grains and carbonized kernels.